It’s About Time to go to Time

What’s Time? 

Time is one of the fastest internet provider companies since 2001. Providing fast internet primarily for heavily populated areas, Time is suitable for residences and businesses due to its optical fiber internet. Thanks to that, a lot of people have started applying for Time. Wait no longer and Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia

There are benefits to using Time and it’s not only the fast internet but there are also other reasons as well.  


We can’t mention Time without its speed, reliability, and stable internet. Users are less likely to experience lagging and frequent pauses while watching videos; no one has to worry about that anymore. However, you do need to choose the right plan. This depends on how many people the internet is supporting in the household. Time provides customers with contractors to set up the internet for them, hence, make sure to request the technician to test the internet performance.

Easy Self Care App

Time has given us a simple fix, so there’s no need to contact customer care. Your connection status, billing history, and bill tracking can all be facilitated. How? Time offers a website and an app for its clients to use for self-help.  There isn’t much else you can do with them, however, you can set up a lot of your given services with the application and website. This includes a variety of features, including call forwarding, voice lines, and many other features. Additionally, there are also occasional freebies for customers to get for a limited time. 

Voice Plan

Signing up with Time gives you a free phone number and voice capabilities. A few of the voice call plans include Lite: RM2.50/month for 30 mins/month along with a free DECT phone and Max: RM10/month for 300 mins/month along with a free DECT phone. If you don’t want a house phone then you can opt for a basic internet plan which doesn’t provide you with a DECT phone, and you pay as you use it. 

Free Equipment

Applying for Time means you get free equipment, free installation, and no subscription fee. Customers only have to pay their monthly fees. Based on your plan, you’ll get different pieces of equipment. The most basic equipment you get is the most important, the converter unit (to translate fiber signals) and a wireless modem. For 100Mbps or 500Mpbs, you’ll get a TP-Link Archer C1200, meanwhile, for a 1Gbps plan, you’ll get a free D-Link DIR-882.  

Good deals

Not only does Time offer good deals, but they also offer them at cheap prices too! For 100Mbps, you’ll only have to pay RM89/monthly. Included in that deal are free perks and equipment such as 2x voice lines, 1 optical network unit (ONU), 1 wireless AC dual band router, 100GB Time Bizcloud Storage, and 2 free DECT phones. 

Considering applying for Time? Get started right now with only 3 steps – select your plan, verify your application, and your installation will be arranged.