One Step Ahead With Online Banking

online banking

We are well aware of how the rapid changes in technologies and gadgets is a thing that has been revolving around us years ago. Hence why, we could widely see how almost every single thing that involves any businesses is being done online from the smallest thing to big things. Speaking of this, I’m pretty sure you have seen the big chances especially how people are dealing with almost all of the bank matters. There are so many people that have started with less cash due to the simplest way which is; by an online bank account creation malaysia

This is indeed not something new as online banking has been widely used by the majority of people in our community. Pretty sure you are here for the same reason, no? This will be the right time for you to actually get started or level up your daily businesses with online banking with Hong Leong Bank (HLB)! 

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Banks in Malaysia with online banking service

From all of the existing Malaysia banks, there are so many options that you can choose to sign up or register for online banking. Which they are:

  • The Maybank2u.
  • The Rashid Hussein Bank (RHB).
  • The HSBC Bank Malaysia.
  • The Affin Bank.
  • Standard Chartered Malaysia.
  • The Hong Leong Bank (HLB).
  • The AmBank.
  • The CIMB Bank.
  • Citibank Malaysia.
  • The Alliance Bank.
  • The Public Bank.
  • The Bank Rakyat.
  • Bank Simpanan Malaysia (BSN).
  • Bank Muamalat.
  • Bank Islam (BIMB).
  • The OCBC Bank.
  • The UOB Malaysia.
  • Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • Agrobank.

Why online banking should be the most preferred method

We are well aware of how not all generations are familiar and can get used to this method easily as it is something that will be closely related to technology. However there are several reasons why it should be the most preferred method in banking nowadays, they are:

  • There will be extra secure:

Because internet banking is one of the most important services provided by banks, it is also a very secure platform. Banks typically utilise encryption devices to guarantee that all customer information is secure and that no security breaches occur. Finally, it protects you from online fraud and account hijacking.

  • No problem in accessing:

Even if it is the final day of your bill payment and you are about to be penalised, you can rely on internet banking. Online purchases may be completed at any time of day from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but instead of being physically present for a large number of transactions, you may safely transfer cash at any time, without any fuss.

  • There will be no hidden fees:

Despite the added convenience, there are no hidden costs connected with internet transactions. All you pay is a little transaction fee, and the rest is handled by your bank.

  • Guaranteed convenience: 

While one of the numerous advantages of internet banking is its ease of access, it also makes banking extremely convenient. The necessity to stand in long lines at the bank has been entirely abolished. Furthermore, with most banks now offering mobile banking, transfers and payments have gotten simpler.

  • Perfect way in monitoring accounts:

Finally, having access to e-banking and a competent budgeting programme at your disposal simplifies budgeting and account management. Real-time spending may be tracked when shopping or predicting your monthly savings and expenses.

Why study general science degree in Ireland can be the right choice for you

general science degree in ireland

A lot of students around the world that have a dream of being a scientist or researchers apply for general science degree each year. This can be the right choice for you, and the society actively encourages all science-based students to enroll in this programme. This is due to the fact that graduates of this degree will have access to a variety of employment opportunities. Many of top universities offer students the chance to study for a general science degree in Ireland. However, there are a few crucial facts you should be aware of before enrolling in a general science programme.

What is general of science degree

The general of science degree is an undergraduate degree program for those students who seeking to diversify their study of a wide range of science subjects, have the flexibility to choose science courses, and prepare for careers in a variety of science-related fields. This program allows people to study general science knowledga at one of the top medical schools in local university or abroad. When enrolling in the general of science degree, students must major in general science, but may choose to minor in a different field of science. This provides students with a strong theoretical foundation for their studies. All current general of science degree programs is three to four years in length averagely. 

What courses does general of science degree include

Usually,  general of science degree program include courses of diffrent science fields. Students can explore their own areas of interest through these different science courses. When you want to study general of science degree in Ireland ,Courses that may be included are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science Research
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience
  • Physical Sciences
  • Forensic Studies
  • Geology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Psychology

And others etc. 

Career opportunities after graduated from general of science degree in Ireland

After graduating from the general of science degree, students can pursue many health careers or employment in science-related fields. In addition, graduation from the general of science degree is a required prerequisite for students who wish to earn a teaching certificate and enter a master’s or doctoral degree program. If students wish to pursue employment directly after graduation, the following employment options are available.

Science Technician: They work in a laboratory environment, performing tasks such as setting up, operating, and maintaining laboratory equipment, and assisting scientists in conducting research and documenting and monitoring experimental results. Many science technicians specialize in specific areas of research, such as food science, chemical technicians, and forensics. This depends on the field you studied during your time at university.

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing: The wealth of scientific knowledge that comes with graduating from a general of science degree can make for a great pharmaceutical salesperson. Sales representatives for drug companies go through considerable training and have an in-depth knowledge of the drugs they are selling. The scientific knowledge gained in the general of science degree program will be very beneficial to the career development of this profession.

Teacher: After graduating from college, you may choose to become a teacher who specializes in teaching science. However, before you can become a teacher, you will need to take a teaching certificate specifically to become a registered teacher, in addition to your general of science degree program diploma.

101 Basics of Income Protection Insurance

invest in income protection insurance plan Malaysia

Many of us would struggle to make ends meet if we lost our jobs due to illness or an accident. Income protection is a long-term insurance policy that ensures you have a consistent income until you retire or return to work. Learn how it works, when you’ll need it, and what to consider before purchasing it. Click here to invest in income protection insurance plan Malaysia.

How does income protection insurance work?

Insurance for income protection:

  • If you are unable to work due to illness or an accident, you will receive regular payments that will replace a portion of your income.
  • pays out until you can resume working, or until you retire, die, or reach the end of the policy term, whichever comes first.
  • If you are unable to work, you will typically receive between 50% and 65% of your income.
  • covers the majority of illnesses that render you unable to work – either temporarily or permanently (depending on the type of policy and its definition of incapacity)
  • can be claimed as many times as necessary while the policy is in effect.

Before payments begin, there is frequently an agreed-upon waiting period (‘deferred’). The most common waiting periods are four, thirteen, twenty-six weeks, and one year. The lower the monthly premiums, the longer you wait.

It is not the same as critical illness insurance, which pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific serious illness.

When do you need an income protection insurance plan?

invest in income protection insurance plan Malaysia

When we are unable to work due to illness or an accident, we may assume that our employers will continue to pay us. In reality, employees are usually transferred to Statutory Sick Pay after six months.

Few employers provide sick leave to their employees for more than a year. Check with your employer to see what they will do if you are out sick. Depending on your level of savings, losing an income can quickly leave you unable to pay essential household bills like mortgage/rent and utilities. It’s especially difficult if you’re self-employed and don’t have sick leave to fall back on.

Who doesn’t need an income protection insurance plan?

You may not require income protection insurance if you meet the following criteria:

You could survive on sick pay if, for example, you have an employee benefits package that provides you with an income for 12 months or more; you could survive on government benefits if they are sufficient to cover all of your outgoings; and you have enough savings to support yourself. Be aware that your savings may need to last a long time; you may be able to retire early if your partner or family supports you; for example, if your partner has enough income to cover everything you both require.

How much does income protection insurance cost?

invest in income protection insurance plan Malaysia

The amount of premiums you pay each month will vary depending on the policy and your circumstances.

Income protection insurance policies provide coverage for a wide range of illnesses, conditions, and situations. As a result, it’s critical to compare what different insurers have to offer.

The cost is influenced by:

your age, occupation, whether you smoke or have smoked, the percentage of your income you’d like to cover the waiting (or deferred’) period until the policy pays out the range of illnesses and injuries covered health – your current health, weight, and family medical history

It’s About Time to go to Time

Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia

What’s Time? 

Time is one of the fastest internet provider companies since 2001. Providing fast internet primarily for heavily populated areas, Time is suitable for residences and businesses due to its optical fiber internet. Thanks to that, a lot of people have started applying for Time. Wait no longer and Jom Apply Time internet Malaysia

There are benefits to using Time and it’s not only the fast internet but there are also other reasons as well.  


We can’t mention Time without its speed, reliability, and stable internet. Users are less likely to experience lagging and frequent pauses while watching videos; no one has to worry about that anymore. However, you do need to choose the right plan. This depends on how many people the internet is supporting in the household. Time provides customers with contractors to set up the internet for them, hence, make sure to request the technician to test the internet performance.

Easy Self Care App

Time has given us a simple fix, so there’s no need to contact customer care. Your connection status, billing history, and bill tracking can all be facilitated. How? Time offers a website and an app for its clients to use for self-help.  There isn’t much else you can do with them, however, you can set up a lot of your given services with the application and website. This includes a variety of features, including call forwarding, voice lines, and many other features. Additionally, there are also occasional freebies for customers to get for a limited time. 

Voice Plan

Signing up with Time gives you a free phone number and voice capabilities. A few of the voice call plans include Lite: RM2.50/month for 30 mins/month along with a free DECT phone and Max: RM10/month for 300 mins/month along with a free DECT phone. If you don’t want a house phone then you can opt for a basic internet plan which doesn’t provide you with a DECT phone, and you pay as you use it. 

Free Equipment

Applying for Time means you get free equipment, free installation, and no subscription fee. Customers only have to pay their monthly fees. Based on your plan, you’ll get different pieces of equipment. The most basic equipment you get is the most important, the converter unit (to translate fiber signals) and a wireless modem. For 100Mbps or 500Mpbs, you’ll get a TP-Link Archer C1200, meanwhile, for a 1Gbps plan, you’ll get a free D-Link DIR-882.  

Good deals

Not only does Time offer good deals, but they also offer them at cheap prices too! For 100Mbps, you’ll only have to pay RM89/monthly. Included in that deal are free perks and equipment such as 2x voice lines, 1 optical network unit (ONU), 1 wireless AC dual band router, 100GB Time Bizcloud Storage, and 2 free DECT phones. 

Considering applying for Time? Get started right now with only 3 steps – select your plan, verify your application, and your installation will be arranged. 

Use Top Quality Hardware for Your Business POS System

ipad pos software Malaysia

If you will check online, there are so many vendors selling different things, including different apps that support business growth like POS systems. This is now what most businesses are using and in fact, you can hardly find a business establishment these days that doesn’t use a kind of POS system, especially if that establishment is in the urban areas. 

 ipad pos software Malaysia

A POS system can help a business in so many ways. We all know how taxing managing a business is. Every process entails a lot of time and effort. One should have his staff trained well if he cannot do the processes on his own. However, the POS system can simplify things. It can make complicated processes simple and easy to deal with. Those that seem impossible to know will be possible with a POS system. 

But you have to note that there are different features of a typical POS system, and they differ from vendor to vendor. Thus, if you are planning to buy one, see to it that you check your options first. While their features might be excellent, there are times when they are not useful to some businesses. So, you should check the features first if they can be functional for your type of business. 

Another thing you need to deal with is the hardware of the POS system. You have so many options when it comes to this as well, and most of the time, this will depend on the function you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a device for your desk, then you can go for a computer monitor. But if this is for you to bring along wherever you go, you can choose the ipad pos software Malaysia

 ipad pos software Malaysia

A smartphone will be enough as well, but the ipad is better, considering it has a bigger screen. It will be easier for you to use it, and not only that, since it is an ipad, it means that it comes from a good brand. So, it will not get damaged easily. Not only that, but the ipad is also quite popular. There is a bigger chance that you will already know how to use it, or even if you will let one of your employees do the task, he can easily use the device as well. 

As mentioned, you need not go far just to buy POS hardware. There are already so many trusted sellers online and it will also be better if you choose one that also sells the POS system. This way he can set up the software on the ipad easily. Not only that, but if something will go wrong with the app or with the device, you will only need to reach out to one person. 

It is easy to see that competition in the business world is the toughest. This is not something you should ignore if you are planning to invest in this world. 

How Should One Select the Right Office Space?

office for rent in Bayan Baru

Given the current situation of the economy, it’s feasible that renting office space may generate more revenue than you expected. Renting office space, which has traditionally been seen as a last resort by companies of all types, is suddenly becoming more appealing to them. Your business should consider renting office space for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

Acquire something for yourself via a buy.

Even if you buy an office, you won’t be prepared for all unforeseeable events that may emerge, since there are an unlimited amount of possibilities. You have the opportunity to customize your office space according to the needs of your company when you rent office space. After two months, you may realize that you need an extra 15 square meters of space. Selling your current workplace and transferring to a new site is a far more challenging endeavor than just searching for a bigger facility and renegotiating your lease with the landlord. The office for rent in Bayan Baru offered for lease is pleased with the results.

If you find that an older office building’s facilities need to be upgraded, you may be required to do more work and incur additional costs. If you rent office space from a respectable firm that also provides this service, the expenses involved with maintaining and improving your workspace will be covered. Another benefit of renting space from a well-known firm is that the lease terms may frequently be changed to meet the tenant’s requirements. Due to the unpredictability of the current market, it may be advantageous to have the ability to modify the size of your office and the duration of your stay at any time. If you need to temporarily move or expand your company, there are a variety of leasing companies that may be able to help you.

Justify your conduct as thoroughly as possible.

Even if your firm is still in its infancy, using conference rooms and virtual offices as a stopgap solution is something you should explore. You will be able to present your company proposal to potential consumers in an environment that oozes professionalism if you rent a conference room as opposed to leasing a whole office space. In addition, the usage of a virtual office allows you to service an even more expansive geographical zone. For instance, if your company’s headquarters are in Surrey, you may use a virtual office in Poole to expand your business’s geographic reach.

Office space leases give companies the opportunity to develop in any direction they see suitable and a complete offering that is tailored to match the unique needs of each firm.

Be cautious while receiving advice from others.

Before signing a lease for a new office space, it is advisable to get the thoughts of your employees on the area to which you are transferring. Before you begin working on it, have a talk with them about how the change would affect the way they frequently travel. After picking a location that adds thirty minutes to the travel time for key members of your team, it is crucial to address any impediments, such as tardiness or childcare issues, as soon as feasible. It is feasible that you might have a considerable influence on the degree of satisfaction felt by your employees if you provided them with a variety of lunch options rather than a single alternative.

What gifts should you give to a new mother?

mother care products online malaysia

Motherhood is not an easy feat. We know that it’s a tough phase for every new and existing mother out there who is bringing a child into the world. If you are looking for a gift to buy for your pregnant wife, sister, colleague or even just a friend, keep reading to find out what the best mother care products online malaysia gifts that you can get them to let them know you’re thinking of them! 

Body care products

As we know, mothers’ bodies will change drastically during and after pregnancy. There are lots of body care items that you can buy for the new mother in your life to help comfort them during their recovery. Most of the time, these products will come in a decorated lavish basket with items like lotion, body wash, nipple cream and many more useful body care items for the mom. Other than that, there are many postpartum or breastfeeding care boxes out there, complete with inflatable cushions, mesh undies, nipple balms, grip socks, and other necessities to help the new mom feel comfortable during postpartum. 

Baby Swing / Rocker 

A baby rocker or swing is definitely a helpful item to all mothers, new or not. It can help her keep the baby soothed and not crying so that the mother can do other things to take care of herself or her baby. Whether she needs a break or needs to get some work done, a rocker or a swing will definitely be of great help to your new-mom friend.

Smart Baby Monitors 

Of course, baby monitors are essential for families with new babies to help keep an eye on a baby in the other room, or if the baby is being babysat by a nanny, a baby monitor with a camera could be very helpful for a busy mom! If you’re looking for a gift idea that is out of the box, be sure to reach for a smart baby monitor. These monitors can help parents follow vital information like sleep stages and breathing patterns all with this one device, therefore it will be helpful so that you know everything about your baby and you can keep track of it all in your phone.

Baby Toys 

This may seem like an obvious one, but some parents may find having the new baby extremely overwhelming, enough to forget to buy their baby some toys. An example of helpful little toy-gifts are teethers and rattles. These can help the baby develop their motor skills, so it’s definitely an essential toy that you can buy once the baby hits a certain stage.

Of course, there are many other items that you can get for your new mom friends. You can only go so far as to giving them a thoughtful gift to surprise the mama-to-be. So whether you’re looking for a gift for your best friend, loved one, coworker or even a relative, trust our recommendation on the best mother care products online malaysia.

Shop Around for the Greatest Waters on Kitchen Storage Solutions

When shopping for the best water container, one of your key objectives is to ensure that your grain storage is clean. For those of you who are wondering, the cereal container has a spout dispenser next to it that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. To ensure accurate measures, a plastic scoop has been provided with calibrated markings. This scoop doubles as a lid for the container’s top spout, preventing liquids from escaping.

There is no metal or wood in this container at all. It is safe to use in food since it does not contain BPA. The lifetime is also quite long. A silicone barrier on the top prevents air from entering the container, making it airtight. Whether its grains, nuts, flours, snacks for you or your pet, or any other kind of food you’re storing in your pantry, you won’t have to worry about any of it being damaged by moisture. So that productivity may be maximized, keep the seal in place at all times. In the cupboard or the refrigerator, this container’s tiny size makes it perfect for organization. Because of this, kitchen storage ideas are the best option for you to take into account.

For twenty-pound water storage containers, demand will rise as more people become aware of how much money they can save by purchasing water in bulk.

BPA is not present in the product in issue. Pouring food into the correct quantities is considerably easier with this water holder, normal scale, and measuring cup. Our most basic unit of measurement, the cup, has been modernised and updated in order to make it more stable and less susceptible to loosening.

In addition to being approved for use in the preservation of food, this product is really free of BPA. Because the grain container is composed of a durable and long-lasting material, there are no BPAs in it. A theoretically longer-lasting plastic item may be possible in the future. suitable for use in dishwashers since it can tolerate temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius

From a financial perspective, storage is appropriate.

In order to keep the food fresh, the water storage container has an airtight seal that prevents moisture from entering. To ensure long-term preservation of the food within, the oatmeal canister contains four buckles made of high-quality, weather-resistant material. Because of its regular height and low profile, the pantry water containers may be utilised in a variety of cabinet sizes. Because of this, they can fit in a smaller space.

Here’s a list of things to look for:

The cereal container has both a pour spout and a measurement cup, which guarantees that no cereal is lost while pouring. Hands are made more comfortable and safe thanks to a variety of grooves and grips.

When the container is being used, it features two gaskets and two side-locking lids to keep out air. Neither insects nor dampness will affect your dry food.

Even if the container isn’t open, the introduction of containers with translucent bodies gives a more realistic aspect. This does not need that the product be removed from its container in order to be tested.


You’ll discover that having this device in your home is really useful since it allows you to organise the containers in your pantry or kitchen cabinet in whatever manner you see suitable. To store in a refrigerator or pantry because of its small size, it’s a perfect choice.

Your Odds Are Pretty Good That You Won’t End Up Pregnant

what do you need to know when preparing for childbirth

An anembryonic pregnancy is a pregnancy that does not involve a developing embryo. This can happen when a fertilized egg does not implant in the uterine wall and develop into a baby. Your odds are pretty good that you won’t end up pregnant. An anembryonic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the embryo does not divide into two cells but instead remains a single cell. This can happen when the sperm and egg don’t meet properly, or when one of the partner’s chromosomes is missing. If you’re pregnant and haven’t been able to conceive for a while, your odds are pretty good that you won’t end up pregnant. This is because an anembryonic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg doesn’t implant in the uterus but instead stays in the fallopian tube. It’s not always clear what causes an anembryonic pregnancy, but it can happen if a woman has a low sperm count or if her husband has problems with his sperm.

Signs of an early miscarriage

If you’re pregnant and have started to experience some of the following symptoms, it may be time to start thinking about an early miscarriage: heavy bleeding, not getting pregnant at all after several rounds of unprotected sex, abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible. However, even if you don’t experience all of the signs listed above, it’s still important to go see a doctor just in case something is wrong. If you experience any of these symptoms within two weeks of conception, it’s highly likely that you are experiencing an early miscarriage. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms more than two weeks after conception, it’s time to see a doctor.

More pregnant after having a missed miscarriage

what do you need to know when preparing for childbirth

what do you need to know when preparing for childbirth? In the month after a missed miscarriage, your odds of becoming pregnant are about the same as if you hadn’t had a miscarriage at all. However, in subsequent months, your chances of becoming pregnant may increase due to the higher ovulation rates that follow a missed miscarriage. If you’ve had a missed miscarriage, your odds of becoming pregnant again are pretty good. In fact, the chances of getting pregnant after a missed miscarriage is about the same as if you had a normal pregnancy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone who has a missed miscarriage becomes pregnant right away. It can take anywhere from several months to up to a year for fertility to return after a missed miscarriage. There are a lot of people out there who think that they won’t get pregnant after they’ve had a missed miscarriage. Frankly, odds are pretty good that you will end up pregnant. A missed miscarriage is just like any other pregnancy- it can happen to anyone. You are more likely to get pregnant right away if you have sex within the first few days after your missed miscarriage. If you had a missed miscarriage and your doctor performed a D&C, you are more than likely pregnant. The D&C is not 100% effective, but it is still a good way to get pregnant. 

How to Pick the Right Lab Furniture Provider

Yes, if you are about to set up a medical lab, it is best to trust the professionals. This industry is quite competitive and for sure, you don’t want your lab to be ineffective. After all, the people who will be working in it might get affected if the lab itself is not well designed. 

lab bench Malaysia

There are so many providers out there of lab furniture. But you don’t want to just choose anyone for sure. You need to see to it that your furnishings, like the lab bench Malaysia is the best. What should you consider when picking your supplier? Here are some tips:

  • The budget

This should be your top concern as you can just freely pick a supplier if your budget cannot even sustain the prices of his products and services. This is why you should first determine your budget. You can check for the current prices of these types of furnishings so you can come up with a workable budget. You need to note though that choosing the cheapest supplier is definitely not a good idea. 

lab bench Malaysia
  • The quality

Yes, this is the second consideration you should prioritize. Actually, if money is not a problem, this should be your top concern. As a matter of fact, whatever style of furnishings you plan to take, whether they are new or old, the bottom line is, that you should not sacrifice the quality. This should always be the case, considering that in a medical lab, different types of chemicals will be used. Not only that, but you also need to make sure that your furnishings, especially the countertops are fire and moisture resistant, aside from being chemical resistant. This is why the quality should not be ignored. 

  • Quality of customer service

Just because all the pieces of furniture are delivered, the supplier has no obligation to you. Nope, that is not the case as the furnishings you have delivered will need repairs in time. Yes, this is not free, but it would be best if this aspect will also be handled by the supplier. This should be part of his offered services. You should ask this beforehand and if such is not the case, always remember that you have so many other options. You should not do business with someone who cannot give you peace of mind. 

lab bench Malaysia
  • Punctuality

Yes, punctuality will matter a lot. We are talking about business here, and in this world, punctuality will be credited well. You don’t want your clients to be disappointed just because your supplier fails to keep his promise. You should stress this before agreeing to anything. You should ask in advance as for the timeframe of his deliveries. 

A medical lab is a very important facility. This is not just about your business, but this also concerns the lives of people. It is just right that you choose the furnishings well before you start everything. This way you will have peace of mind and at the same time, you can provide better services.